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These days in the face of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are on the lookout for more ways of using technology to run efficiently and be more profitable. In other words, they are looking for new avenues to boost their Returns on Investment (ROI).

By analyzing their ROI, businesses can determine how profitable their venture is and make better decisions for future improvement. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) technology may play an important role.

AR is a modern solution for contemporary businesses in their quest to make the most of remote support to maximizing profits.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality Remote support is a combination of video streaming broadcasting rendered through AR technology in real-time. This provides live computer-generated video feeds of a business to their clients allowing them to advertise and, at the same time, proffer solutions remotely.

At 4experience, we help all categories of businesses including telecommunications firms, technicians, and electronic gadget makers, to operate efficiently at their maximum strength through the use of our AR remote support app to facilitate remote support.

With professional remote support provided through our AR applications, businesses have witnessed an improvement in the efficiency of their operations and a significant drop in operating costs as well.

Let us take a look at the benefits of making use of an AR application to provide remote support for your business.

Advantages of Using Remote Support AR Applications

  • Providing Instant Support

With modern AR technology, businesses can provide instant support to their customers when needed. This technology is quite simple to install and use, enabling businesses to attend to their customers speedily, especially when it comes to making fixes.

Customers can be attended to through any compatible device regardless of the area. Here you will find a great case study and the benefits our client has gained.

  • Reduction In Operational Costs

With remote support provided by an AR application, businesses can efficiently cut down the cost of running operations. In other words, they save more money. Costs of transporting expert personnel to carry out maintenance and repairs of equipment, travel costs for job training, and miscellaneous costs are reduced to a minimum.

Most importantly, it saves costs in time as issues are dealt with much faster through remote support rendered to the clients directly. Customers can ultimately deal with the problem themselves under the guidance of an expert.

We get full ROI after 21 minutes and 30 seconds

Using AR you can get full ROI after 21 minutes and 30 seconds — at least we had it at Struers using AR remote support solution.
This maybe sounds crazy — but I have calculated — instead of traveling to customer ca 700km one way, and staying at the hotel overall cost would be ca 230–250€ — using
AR4Vision it took me 40 minutes on the phone (and you need an only phone) — and that cost us 10€ (but you need to buy a package of “minutes” for 120€) — so — calculating — after 21 minutes, 30 seconds we got back all investment and we started to earn on every next service case! Strongly suggested, especially in COVID blockage times.

- Paweł Kotelon, Country Manager at Struers

  • Reduction In Risk Of Job Hazards And Better Safety Awareness

With real-time remote support given to field personnel through AR, companies can reduce the risk of occupational hazards by giving them instructions to keep them safe at all times while working.

  • Quick Completion Of Tasks

AR technology comes very handily in situations that require immediate attention. In a scenario where the personnel of a company does not have the technical know-how in fixing a piece of equipment, AR technology is the best solution.

With remote support, the field personnel can approach an expert in real-time and get the issue fixed in the shortest possible time. So, you save costs in time instead of transporting the expert to the location of the problem. Also, you boost the productivity of your workforce, and most importantly, you improve massively on your customer ratings.

  • Proactive Competitive Edge

With AR technology, businesses that deal in the maintenance and repair sector can portray themselves as proactive. In this case, they carry out a routine inspection of their customers’ equipment remotely.

AR applications provide businesses with the capacity to check on the equipment and resolve any operational issues. Before the clients even know about them. This helps to build more customer fulfillment ratings that lead to improved profits.

Businesses That Need To Utilize Augmented Reality Remote Support

There is a demand for remote support and improved response times. For example, technicians can easily carry maintenance and repairs. by utilizing modern AR applications, businesses in the telecommunications and technology provider firms can easily carry maintenance and repairs of their assets remotely.

Remote support software also enables them to perform routine inspections of facilities without having to send personnel. Thereby cutting down on costs and reducing occupational hazards.


By integrating AR applications, all types of businesses can increase their return on investment (ROI) and their effectiveness in case of client support. Investing in an AR application to provide instant remote support is an excellent way for businesses to operate efficiently, provide high-quality services at all times, cut down on operational costs, and improve their customer satisfaction ratings.

Augmented Reality remote support is the future of efficient and profitable business operations. With it, businesses can provide top-notch service delivery to their clients every time. It also helps to boost employee satisfaction, as they observe an increase in their job productivity.

If you are interested in other projects using AR technology , you will find them in our portfolio in the Augmented Reality section.

Originally published at https://4experience.co on October 20, 2020.



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Immersive technology developers: Interactive & Intelligent 3D Solutions