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Employee training is an essential part of every business operation for both new and old employees. From employee on-boarding training to re-skill or up-skill training, it is essential to give your workers the right tools for the job.

This training is designed to help employees improve their performance in current and future roles. They help improve employee performance, strengthen essential skills that employees need to improve and boost their productivity.

Unfortunately, like any activity that involves many people, most training exercises come with problems of their own.

This has made it difficult to reach and train employees effectively, especially for companies with employees scattered around the world. In this article, we will show you the problems companies face when organizing employee training and the best solutions.


  • 3D technologies like virtual and augmented reality can help you train employees, by allowing them to experience training first hand.
  • VR solutions like 3D visualization and VR online training solutions can help you train more employees remotely.
  • You can take advantage of 3D technologies to reduce overhead costs and train more employees.

Problems companies face in organizing employee training

There are several drawbacks companies face when organizing employee training. These mainly depend on the type of training in question. But some problems are synonymous with all training in general.

1. Costs

This is the primary drawback most companies face when organizing employee training exercises. These exercises are often costly to organize involving different departments, resources, and manpower. Also, they may need to repeat the training for each batch of new employees they get and pay for each one. Money isn’t the only thing companies spend on training employees. There are other variables, such as time and equipment, which can affect the overall cost of training.

2. Safety training

This type of training is designed to provide employees with vital skills and knowledge to perform their roles safely. Some safety training programs are required by official bodies while others are necessary depending on the task in question.

In some cases, it can be difficult to carry out safety training exercises without putting employees in harm’s way. This is especially problematic in safety training that teaches about risks that could cause death or injury in a controlled environment.

3. Working at heights and depths

The best way to train employees on working at high or low places is to actually show them what to do first-hand. However, this can be problematic if they are scattered around the world or unavailable during the training period.

4. Remote training

It can be a nightmare organizing employee training when your staff members are scattered around the world. Asides from delivering training materials, it is also almost impossible to efficiently monitor their participation and the effectiveness of the training.

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Best online training solutions

3D technologies like virtual and augmented reality can help you train employees by allowing them to experience training first hand. The best part is that they have the potential to support both hard and soft skills training.

This is not to say that they can replace traditional physical or online training methods. However, virtual and augmented reality technologies can supplement them and simplify the verification of skills in simulated conditions.

By using immersive 3D scenarios with virtual and augmented reality, it is possible to deliver interactive remote training that works. VR solutions like VR online training can help you train more employees remotely.

Moreover, the possibilities of remote training using 3D technology are endless, check out a recent case study here. This technology has the potential to help you overcome the primary barrier to training as many employees as possible. Anywhere in the world.

Advantages of online training with virtual and augmented reality

  • Financial savings: The primary advantage of using 3D technology for remote training is the ability to minimize overhead costs. The major costs companies face is that of recording the initial training and acquiring the necessary equipment.
  • Employee safety: Online training with virtual and augmented reality provides employees with first-hand scenarios while protecting them from harm. This is especially useful when training employees on potentially harmful processes or procedures.
  • Multiple-use of training material: Once recorded, training exercises can be used over and over again and even shared with anyone in the world. This means that you spend less money on remote training exercises in the long run.
  • Raise employee qualifications: You can easily raise your employee qualifications quickly and effectively using online training and VR3D technology. Modern virtual and augmented reality can be used in training hard and soft skills on almost every topic imaginable.
  • Engage employees: Most employees today are already used to the flat, unmoving nature of remote training materials. Using virtual reality in your online training is the best way to engage them and boost their knowledge retention.
  • Simulating various workplace situations: You can simulate different workplace situations and scenarios using virtual and augmented reality. This makes them especially useful when practicing specific scenarios as employees can practice as many times as necessary until perfection.

Want to find out more? Check out our helpful guide showing the advantages of training simulation and augmented reality in employee training.


Employee training exercises help improve employee performance, strengthen essential skills, and boost productivity. However, it can be difficult for training employees, especially for companies with employees scattered around the world.

Modern technologies like virtual and augmented reality can help you train employees on both hard and soft skills. The best part is that these online training materials can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

At 4Experience, we can create and deliver proven solutions that effectively support employee training exercises in many areas. Are you ready to take your remote training to the next level?

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