What VR training is the most popular? 3 types of training employers should know

5 min readMay 20, 2021

Not only training is essential when you introduce a new person to an organization in order to improve their skills and competencies but also when they learn the safety rules. What’s more, through training in virtual reality, we remember more, because it is not only theoretical knowledge but learning through experience and practice. There are several types of popular VR training that we create more often than others. And I want to tell you more about these kinds. In this article, you will learn the most popular types of training using VR technology and the benefits they can bring to your business.

Onboarding and vocational VR training

Typically, when we hire a new employee or an employee moves to a new position, training is required. Often a more experienced employee has to dedicate some time to train someone new. Virtual reality training is an effective solution. You can successfully include learning procedures, learning tasks in a specific position. The training can even include a quiz which allows you to check the employee’s level of knowledge and control their learning progress. Once created, training can be used as many times as the company needs. It can be used every time you hire a new person. Would you like to see an example? I invite you to watch a video with VR vocational training for DPD company (courier services):

The benefits include e.g.:

  • multiple uses of the same VR training for multiple employees
  • the possibility of expanding the training with new elements
  • saving time of other employees
  • learning new procedures faster
  • controlling learning progress

VR training for professional skills

Professional skills are in demand in many specific workplaces. They most often relate to factories, energy, but also procedures that can save lives. When an employee performs duties related to, for example, an electrical switchboard, he must know the step-by-step procedure and remember not to miss anything. Thanks to effective learning using VR technology, there is less risk that the employee will forget a given step. “Professional skills” is another very popular VR training.

“We are successfully implementing specialist skills training projects. We have carried out a project, e.g. for the Tauron company , where employees learn the rules of working at switchboards. The project for the mining industry is also worth mentioning, where employee on-the-job training is combined with learning the safety rules. An interesting challenge was also the VR training project on the principles of working with valves , in which we simulated explosions. In each of these cases, specialist skills were also necessary to ensure safety in the workplace.” — Wojciech Pander, Head of Training Department at 4Experience.

You can see the amazing results of VR training below (underground in a coal mine). Yes, creating this training and simulation was really exciting for us!

The benefits include e. g.:

  • step-by-step memorization of the procedure
  • simulation of the workplace helps in the effectiveness of learning
  • learning procedures go hand in hand with safety rules
  • it is possible to evaluate the training and verify the progress

Workplace safety training

A fairly popular type of training in virtual reality is related to safety at the workplace, even in dangerous conditions. It is then important to recreate and simulate a specific workplace with utmost care. A good example is a work at height project for Strabag and 3M. In both cases, the employee learns effectively all safety rules without endangering his health. In a safe environment, an employee experiences a violation of safety rules effect or omission of some safety protection — e. g. a fall from a height. Thanks to simulation, he remembers procedures more efficiently.

Another example is standard health and safety training and learning the rules in the event of a fire in the company. The employee learns step by step what he should do and how to react. That kind of training may become definitely something universal for the company.

The benefits include e. g. :

  • simulating accidents at work helps you remember more
  • realistic feelings during training remain in the memory for a long time which increases the likelihood of long-term remembering of procedures
  • a multitude of possibilities — from health and safety training to first aid or responding to surprising situations (such as a sudden fire outbreak)

VR Training Platform

Especially for entrepreneurs, we have created a completely new solution with regard to employee training: the VR Training Platform. This is definitely more than employee training. These are completely new opportunities for your business. The VR Training Platform consists of several panels:

4 ANALYSIS — A panel that is used for analytics and reporting in order to effectively scale the application throughout the organization.

4 EMPLOYEE — Thanks to this panel you can create intelligent, virtual avatars for your crew.

4 SPACE — A panel that allows you to create realistic simulations of the work environment

4 MANAGEMENT — This is a panel that contains a set of tools for quick and effective training creation (editor).

You can already see how many possibilities modern technology offers and what popular VR training courses are. Various training simulations for the crew, up to the entire VR platform that will help you start creating VR training for your employees.


In the case of VR training, there is no need to hire specialists from an external company who will regularly train employees. There is also no need to distract other employees from their daily tasks in order to train new people. You can easily engage your crew with using modern technology and become a trendsetter in your industry.

Thanks to the support of an experienced company that creates projects in virtual reality and has knowledge in constructing training, the company can have a whole VR training package that will be effectively used and bring real benefits. It is also worth noting that the production of training results should be based on proven solutions and scientific research. Therefore, as 4Experience, we cooperate with universities and scientists from whom we derive knowledge on increasing the effectiveness of human learning. In addition to the training that we create in the virtual reality environment according to the customer’s requirements, we also provide a VR Training Platform, which is a fast and effective solution. If you are interested in the subject of VR training, I invite you to look at the projects in the 4Experience portfolio, or the VR Training Offer — I hope they will inspire you to act.

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